Facebook Bug Unblock Users from Block List

Facebook has notified a new bug that unblocked some people from the the block list of users. The company has just disclosed that almost 800,000 users were affected by a Facebook bug that secretly unblocked some people they had blocked.

According to the Facebook the bug was live from May 29 until June 5. Company’s chief privacy officer, Erin Egan, said that it did not re-establish friend connections between affected users and the blocked individuals, but it did allow those previously blocked users to see posts shared.

Facebook bug randomly unblocked some users

Moreover, blocked users can also send messages if they come to know that they are unblocked. Facebook’s data indicates that 85 percent of people had only one person on their block list unblocked due to the bug.

Egan writes:

“This issue has now been fixed and everyone has been blocked again. People who were affected will get a notification on Facebook encouraging them to check their blocked list,”

Facebook is not saying anything about what caused the bug, but they are only sending out a notification to the users who are affected by the bug.

There are many reasons that why people block others, but this new bug will definitely make the users uncomfortable. However, Facebook said that People affected by bug will get notifications.

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