Get Ready to Welcome Automatic Call Screen Feature on 2016 Pixels

Automatic call screen is one of the best features, and people love to have it in their Pixel devices. This feature was added to the Pixel 4/XL last year however the people having older pixel devices were not facilitated with this feature. The users kept on demanding for it on other pixel models as well, and finally, older devices are also getting automatic call screen feature.


When this feature is enabled, it detects the spam and makes sure that no robocalls are disturbing the users. This feature screen all your unknown calls and informs Google assistant If the call is real or spam. The best thing about this feature is that it does not consume mobile data, Wi-Fi which means that when a user enables this feature, it will not be dependant on connectivity to check the spam calls.

Automatic Call Screen Feature on 2016 Pixels

If you are one of those lucky people who have received this feature, you can find it in your device settings just under the spam and call screen tab. In order to enjoy this feature at the fullest, enable “see caller” and “Spam ID” option. Don’t forget to enable the call screen and select the types of callers you want to be screened.

You will also be facilitated with two more options to choose from: Ring phone and Silently decline. By choosing silently decline, the spam calls will be declined automatically. Google has revealed that this feature will be rolled out to Pixel 2/XL and 2016 Pixels, so if you have not received it yet, be patient and wait.

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