Google Changes its Mobile Search Algorithm

Today, Google is going to make huge changes in its mobile search algorithm; which will change the ranking of websites when users search for something on their phone and tablets.

Automatically the websites that are not mobile-friendly will be demoted due to these changes. As the algorithm will only favor mobile-friendly websites i-e. sites that are easy to be adjusted and viewed on mobile screens.

About 60% of online traffic now comes from mobile and Google wants users to have a good experience whenever they click on a mobile link.

Back in February, Google announced about its future changes and provide webmasters with plenty of time to improve their sites accordingly so that their sites can remain visible in mobile search results.

Itai Sadan, CEO of website building company Duda, told Business Insider that:

[pull_quote_center]”Come April 21, a lot of small businesses are going to be really surprised that the number of visitors to their websites has dropped significantly. This is going to affect millions of sites on the web.”[/pull_quote_center]

He also added that:

[pull_quote_center]”Google has always been about relevancy, and content is king. But that’s changing. Yes, they’re saying content is still extremely important, but user experience is just as important. It’s not sufficient to have all the right content — if people come to your site and the content is there but it’s not readable, that’s not good.”[/pull_quote_center]

This update by Google is expected to cause a major ranking shake-up in the history.

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