Instagram Security Update-Users will Now Get Warning Before Getting Disabled

The popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, is starving hard to make the app more secure and safe. Just recently, the company has improved its credibility by introducing some security measures. According to the updated Instagram’s security policy, users will not be able to use their accounts if they posted any type of violent content. However, the company has now made little changes. The company will definitely block the users who will not obey their security policy, but the company will first warn them. Instagram security update will give users a little relief as they will get a warning first before Instagram disable them.


Instagram Security Update-Users will Now Get Warning First


Instagram Security Updates

Furthermore, Instagram users will receive in-app notifications when their accounts are at the risk of getting disabled. The disability is based on violating the community guidelines about nudity, pornography, bullying, harassment, hate speech, drug sales, and terrorism.

Instagram has made it easy to appeal deleted content and disabled accounts from within the app. They also do not need to go through the Help Center.

These are the two reasons, due to which accounts will be disabled

  • An account having some percentage of violating the content
  • Certain numbers of violation within the windows of time

So, be little possessive while uploading any questionable content on Instagram.


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