Instagram New Policy will Ban Accounts Spreading Hatred

It seems like the photo-sharing app is getting better than before. The company is trying to make this platform safer than before, and in doing so they are trying to incorporate different new amendments to the app. Previously the app has decided to warn people before posting any comment telling them that it is biased. Now Instagram is changing its account disable policy under Instagram new Policy. 

Instagram New Policy Focuses on Warning Users before Deleting their Accounts

Under the new policy, the app will soon disable the account that will have some kind of violating content. The new terms and conditions are being rolled out. Due to two reasons, the app will be deleting the account:

  • An account having some percentage of violating the content
  • Certain numbers of violation within the windows of time

In this way, the overall scenarios of posting will be changes as people will think twice before posting content spreading hatred. Moreover, Instagram is incorporating a notification process that will help people know if there account is in the disabled account list or not.

Certain appeals will also be made on the platform in order to eradicate content spreading pornography and nudity. Instagram will, later on, remove that post automatically without the user’s consent. However, later on, if it was found that post was removed from error, Instagram will restore it.

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