Online Mobile Industry Flourishing in Pakistan

The Pakistani cyberspace has seen a marvelous growth and progress during the past few years. Different forms of web applications have appeared extending from e-commerce solutions to services portals. One such web application has been developed by young Pakistani tycoons who target to provide web applications to consumers in the the same way as people of developed country have access. This platform has been titled as

Online Mobile Industry Flourishing in Pakistan

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It is an online platform for the Pakistani internet subscribers in general and mobile supporter and businessmen in particular. This is a distinctive platform in the sense that other online mobile applications either offer specifications of mobiles while some provide buy and sell functionality for mobiles. Alternatively Pak Mobile Hub, is providing information all related to cellphones under a single roof.

Almost 8,500 mobiles specifications details and prices are available. The website is of the view that no other Pakistani mobile portal has such a huge mobiles database. All the international and native brands are enclosed and mobiles courting back from 2000 to those which have been declared to be released in the next weeks or months are available on Pak Mobile Hub.

For the first time on Pakistan an exclusive feature for substituting mobiles is being introduced by the website other than just providing online market for buying and selling used mobiles. Since many consumers usually can’t find a used mobile according to their anticipations of price and specifications but now Pak Mobile Hub will help them. Therefore, for such companies, the website offers a chance to use its ‘I want’ feature where a user can write details of the type of used or new mobile phone required.

Mostly people need a good advice beforehand while purchasing a mobile as to what kind of handset could be best for them. To solve such issues, Pak Mobile Hub has developed a complete forum where negotiations are held regarding mobiles, Operating Systems, Mobile Apps, Tricks & Tips and anything associated to mobiles.

The website keeps its audience informed regarding the recent activities in the local telecom industry and international mobile arena. From launch of new cell phones to operating system releases all the latest happenings are available for users on the website ‘News’ section.

Some important features of the website consist information about the prominent mobile outlets throughout the country. All the details from contact information to shop timings and location, everything is just a click away.

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