PTA Received 10237 Complaints from Customers Against Telecom Operators

Pakistan Telecom Authority, PTA Received 10237 Complaints from Customers against Telecom Operators. Customers lodging these much complaints against cellular companies are quite alarming. However out of total 10,237 complaints, 9,832 are already addressed. The redressal rate of all complaints from telecom consumers was 96.04 %.

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PTA has designated a special unit who is receives complaints against telecom operators including cellular companies, PTCL, long distance international, wireless local loop and internet service providers.

PTA Received 10237 Complaints from Customers Against Telecom Operators

PTA revealed that it has received 3,121 complaints against PTCL during April-June, 2017. Telenor secured second position as a telecom operator having 2,095 complaints during the same period.  If these complains are segregated by individual operator, total 1,095 complaints received by Telenor is 30 percent of total cellular mobile operator (CMO) related complaints.

As mobile subscribers constitute a major part of over all telecom subscriber base, so maximum number of complaints are from this segment. Total number of complaints against Cellular mobile operators during April-June 2017 stood at 7,002.

Jazz having the largest number of users stood third with 1,889 complaints. It means Jazz received  27 % of complaints. Zong got fourth position with 1,432 complaints. It means Zong received 20 % of complaints from its subscribers.

Ufone stood last with 969 complaints for its different services. It means that Ufone received 14 percent of total CMO related complaints.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is taking all possible measure to provide ease to users of telecom services. The total 9,832 complaints are addressed which is a good number.

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