SCO and PTCL Join Hands to Lay Optical Fibre Cable in FATA

Special Communications Organization (SCO) and PTCL entered in contract to lay more than 600 Kms of Optical Fiber Cable in FATA to provide basic telephony and data services to the region.

In this connection, a contract signing ceremony was held in Head Quarters Special Communications Organization, Rawalpindi which was attended by Director General SCO, Maj Gen Ali Farhan HI (M), President PTCL Dr. Daniel Ritz and officials from both organizations.

SCO & PTCL Join Hands to Lay Optical Fibre Cable in FATA

After return of peace in the region coupled with the merger of FATA and Khyber Pakhtoonkha, Government of Pakistan initiated this project for connecting various remote areas of the region with Optical Fibre Cable in FATA under Universal Services Fund (USF) Program. SCO and PTCL because of their vast experience of working in difficult conditions will jointly undertake this project.

The project will play an important role in socio-economic uplift of the region by bringing modern ICT services to the populace.

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