US House Passes Bill That Could Lead to Total TikTok Ban

The possibility of a TikTok ban in the US is looming closer as the legislation moves forward, potentially becoming law within days. The recent passage of a bill by the House of Representatives has escalated the situation, putting pressure on TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to make significant decisions regarding its ownership stake in the app.

Despite extensive lobbying efforts aimed at preserving TikTok’s presence in the US, the bill passed in the House indicates a strong stance against the app’s operations unless ByteDance divests its ownership. The vote saw 360 representatives in favour of the ban, with 58 opposed, signalling a substantial level of support for the measure.

US House Passes Bill That Could Lead to Total TikTok Ban

With the bill’s passage in the House, the next steps involve Senate approval and the President’s signature for it to become a law. The Senate will review the bill as part of an upcoming aid package for Ukraine and Israel, scheduled for consideration next week. Given the bipartisan concerns regarding TikTok’s ties to China, the measure is anticipated to garner support in the Senate, with President Joe Biden likely to endorse it promptly upon receipt.

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The driving force behind the push for a TikTok ban revolves around bipartisan apprehensions regarding the app’s Chinese connection. There is widespread concern that TikTok could serve as a platform for Chinese propaganda targeted at US audiences. Moreover, the extensive collection of user data from millions of American users has raised significant privacy and national security concerns.

Should the bill progress into law, ByteDance will get only two options: either sell TikTok or cease its operations within the United States. Given the potential implications of such a decision, ByteDance will explore all available avenues before considering divestiture. However, the looming threat of a ban underscores the urgency for ByteDance to address the concerns raised by US lawmakers and regulators.

In conclusion, the trajectory of the legislative process indicates a tightening grip on TikTok’s future in the United States. As the bill advances towards potential enactment, ByteDance faces mounting pressure to navigate a path forward that aligns with US regulatory expectations and safeguards national interests. The coming days are critical in determining the fate of TikTok’s presence in one of its largest markets.

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