Using TikTok and Snack Video is ‘Haraam’: Fatwa

Every now and then we keep on getting fatwas from religious scholars regarding social media platforms and games. Initially, we got to know that buying likes on Facebook is haram, and later on using someone’s else Wi-Fi without permission and playing PUBG was also declared Haram. Now we have come across another fatwa that declares the making or sharing videos on TikTok & Snack Video Haram.

Using TikTok and Snack Video is ‘Haraam’: Fatwa

The two religious institutes, Jamia Ashrafia from Lahore and Jamia Banuri Town from Karachi have not only declared these apps prohibited but also revealed that people involved in these acts are out of the circle of Islam.

In its Fatwa, Jamira Ashrafia said:

“Any status uploaded on mobile phones containing inappropriate and immoral TikTok and Snack Video content can cause the weakening of faith. Hence creating or sharing such videos is Haraam”.


Mufti Zakria from Jamira Ashrafia said that the world is progressing but the youth in Pakistan is falling down due to the excess usage of such applications. He further highlighted that we need to spread awareness to stop children from using such harmful applications.

Jamia Banuri gave nice reasons while terming these platforms Haram. They said that using such applications is illegal as it involves taking pictures of living beings that is haram in Islam, the sin of watching a non-mahram, the use of music, videos that contain jokes about scholars and religion, among other things.

PTA has also blocked TikTok over immoral content and later on restored it, however, we need to have more debate on this topic in order to decide what we should do.

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