A Slightly Terrifying Remote-controlled Cyborg Cockroach Is Latest Tech Innovation

Technological innovation is very important in this modern era as it entails recognizing new technological possibilities, and organizing human and financial resources in order to transform them into useful products and processes.  Technological advances have played a significant role in facilitating radically improved standards of living. Anyhow, today, I am going to share a very interesting piece of information with you all. It’s all about cool however slightly terrifying cyborg cockroach.

Cyborg Cockroach Is Developed With Good Intentions

No one likes cockroaches. Do you know the latest technological innovation is also a remote-controlled cockroach, Cyborg Cockroach? It might be the last thing you want to imagine, however, the reports claim that this technology is being developed with good intentions.

In Japan, the researchers at the RIKEN institute have designed a remote-controlled, rechargeable cyborg cockroach that can be used for search-and-rescue missions in hazardous areas in order to monitor the environment. The slightly terrifying fact is that they are live cockroaches that are laden with technology allowing scientists to control their movements. The RIKEN team experimented on Madagascar cockroaches that are 6 centimeters long and do not fly. The best part is that they were able to make the insects turn left and right for 30 minutes.

For creating the cyborg cockroaches, the researchers developed technology that conformed to the cockroach’s body. The point worth mentioning here is that it didn’t inhibit the cockroach’s movement, and held battery life. The best solution was a backpack with a battery that’s recharged using built-in solar cells that have the capability to stick to the cockroach for long periods of time. Furthermore, the team used ultra-thin solar cells in order to not obstruct the movement of the roaches.

By stimulating the wires attached to the cockroach’s legs powered by the battery, the cockroach’s movements are remotely controlled. Kenjiro Fukuda, a senior research scientist at RIKEN and the lead of the research team, thinks their strategy can be adapted to other insects like beetles and cicadas in the future despite being developed specifically on cockroaches.

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