Fraud Calls Even After Biometric Verification is Possible-Interior Ministry

The Interior Ministry has confirmed that it is possible to use SIMs for fraud calls even after biometric verification. The Interior Minister was asked in the National Assembly that whether relevant authorities have taken notice of a large number of unsolicited calls, which are made by fraudulent people to rob a common man in general on different counts and whether is it possible to use such SIMs for such calls after biometric verification.

Fraud Calls Even After Biometric Verification is Possible-Interior Ministry

Minister for Interior Ijaz Ahmad Shah through a written response stated that under section 25D Telegraphic Act of Unsolicited calls on GSM is a mandate of Local Police. During the current year under section 13, 14, of PECA CCW-HA has received total 7577 complaints regarding these unsolicited/fraudulent calls where common people were financially deceived.

Out of 7577 complaints, 1277 were converted into enquiry and 14 cases were registered in this regard.

CCW-FIA track and trace the owner of such SIMs and interrogates them. The interrogation revealed that all such SIMs were activated fraudulently by using different fraudulent techniques like silicon thumb impression etc.

“Yes it is possible that after biometric verification such SIMs can be used for unsolicited calls. Under section 17 PECA “Unauthorized Issuance of SIMs Cards” is mandate of PTA to check and monitor the illegal SIMs 25 biometric verification. During current year CCW-FIA registered 07 FIR u/s 17 and 7 accused are arrested in recovery of 7 BVS devices and 2045 Silicon Thumb impression and 5400 sheets along with voter lists”,

the minister added.

CCW-FIA established a special team in every Cybercrime Reporting Center which deals with the complaint against such unsolicited caller who defrauds the common people, and also jointly crackdown with PTA against such a franchise who activate SIMs fraudulently. PTA is the authority to monitor such activation of SIMs proactively.

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