Google Chrome added New Feature to Reset Weak/Compromised Passwords

Google Chrome has decided to add the latest feature in their browser that will allow the users to reset their saved passwords easily. As these stored passwords have been noticed as compromised in information leakage. Evidently, after getting a single from Apple, Google plans to introduce this new feature in Chrome 86. If you report any data leakage, you can immediately change your stored credentials like user names and passwords.

According to the report, Apple uses this feature since 2018 in iCloud Keychain and the Safari browser. To utilize this feature, site specialists create a /.well-known/change-password URL or file. If you visit this URL, it will navigate a user to their reset password page.

\A product supervisor at Google, Mr. Ali Sarraf, explained in a post, “Chrome will leverage this change password URL to help customers change their weak/compromised passwords following a bulk password test (Desktop, Android, iOS). We need to ship this to 100% in M86.”

Always use unique passwords, so a data breach at one website will not affect your other website’s data. Creating a unique password also increases your security.

Testing of Google Chrome’s new Feature

Now you can also test this feature by simply downloading Google chrome 86 browser in your laptop and then follow these simple steps given below:

  • Firstly, you have to paste this URL  chrome://flags/#well-known-change-password in the address bar of Chrome.
  • Then click the enter button.
  • When the flag Support for .well-known/change-password appears, please change it to Enabled and then reload the browser.
  • Finally, after refreshing the browser, you can quickly test this function if you have any weak passwords shown under Chrome://settings/passwords.

If we want to understand how this feature works, we must first understand Google Chrome’s “Check passwords” function. Moreover, when Chrome finds out that a password is compromised or weak, it immediately shows a Change Password “button. The “Change password” button will connect you to the website’s change password URL.

Furthermore, if Chrome doesn’t support this feature, it will redirect the user to the website’s homepage.

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