Google Pay is Now Available on Browser & iOS Device

Google Pay is coming to desktop and iOS, which is the company’s rebranded payment platform. This week the firm has taken a major step to unify all Google’s major payment solutions under one brand.


The service can be now used on Chrome, Safari or Firefox.  Product management director of consumer payments, Gerardo Capiel, announced this news in a blog post. Through cross-platform nature of Google Pay, you can save your card on a Chromebook, and use it on a different device, such as an iPhone.

Google Pay is Now Comes to Browser & iOS Device

If you find a “buy with G Pay” icon in your desktop browser then that means you can use this service now.

After Apple Pay’s 2016 launch, the unified Google Pay comes almost after two years, it supports peer-to-peer payments through Siri and web-based payments. However, Apple’s solution is limited only to Mac or iOS device.

However, when we look in to geographical reach, Apple Pay is slightly ahead of Google Pay, as it is available in more than 25 regions and Google Pay is available in 18 regions.

It is recommended for both companies, that they will need to focus to make their services available in the first place. It is very important if they want to become the preferred solution.

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