OnePlus 6 to beat Apple and Google with Distinctive Features

OnePlus has recently announced that it will officially launch the OnePlus 6 smartphone on May 16. This will be the seventh flagship device by OnePlus. However, this time it seems that OnePlus 6 to beat Apple and Google with it’s distinctive features.

OnePlus is going to rock the smartphone market with the combination of high-end design, low cost and medium end design of OnePlus 6. However, we can’t ignore the smart marketing strategy of Shenzhen-based company which is the main reason of it’s success.

OnePlus 6 to beat Apple and Google Smartly

OnePlus is facing also tough competition in market because of its rivals such as Apple, Samsung and Google. But it is to be expected with the release of OnePlus 6, the company is going to give tough time to Apple and Google with user’s most preferred features.

Here are the main features, which can be great tools of OnePlus 6 to beat Apple and Google as well as Samsung

1) Incredibly Fast:

OnePlus 6 will run the Snapdragon 845 chip from Qualcomm, which is the latest and fastest chip. We also found it in Samsung Galaxy S9. The OnePlus 6 will run on the same chip as the Galaxy S9, but it will feel even faster.

2) Notch Display:

OnePlus 6 will have a notch on the display. The notch will be bigger than the Essential Phone’s notch but smaller than the iPhone X. However, OnePlus 6 will have a noticeable bottom bezel under the display.

OnePlus 6 to beat Apple and Google with Distinctive Features

3) Sleek design and plenty of storage:

OnePlus 6 will have a glass back with sleek body and will have up to 256GB of storage for your apps, photos, and videos.

OnePlus 6 to beat Apple and Google with Distinctive Features

4) Headphone Jack:

OnePlus 6 will have headphone jack. Pixel-loving users were found not comfortable with the Google Pixel 2 because of a the lack of headphone jack. Same the iPhone 8 users are not so happy with lack of headphone jack

5) Price:

The rumors suggest that the OnePlus 6 will not more expensive than it’s predecessor. Which is a good news that users will get a high end phone in a reasonable price.

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