Google Stadia 30-minutes Free game trial will Attract More Gamers

The most versatile Cloud Gaming Service, Google Stadia has come up with some new ways to help the customer enjoy more than ever before and also to attract new gamers. While you might be thinking about what is new for people to enjoy more: the company is facilitating users with Stadia 30-minutes Free game trial, helping them to have an even better experience than before.

Google Launches  Stadia 30-minutes Free game trial for Users

This news has come from 9to5Google who revealed that one can now go to stadia, sign in with their Google account and play a 30 minutes trial Hello Engineer by clicking on this link and scrolling down to the “Free Trial” button.

Google Launches  Stadia 30-minutes Free game trial for Users

Now Google has dedicated a separate webpage for free trials, though for now, the only game available is Hello Engineer, but it seems it plans to add more to the list with time.

Are Gamers Happy About it?

Some people are of the opinion that this overall process is not perfect and could be made seamless since one has to sign in to Google Account again no matter whether you had signed before. The process doesn’t end here; one also has to click the health and safety screen and another privacy screen to verify the overall process. Now after spending this much time, one waits for the game to load and then he is able to enjoy the 30-minutes free trial. This overall process is quite different from the magical click and game being played without waiting, that we were actually expecting.

However, these steps show that Google is finally thinking about gamers, and might be possible that with time they also make the overall process seamless.

So for now if you want to play Hello Engineer, you need to buy it for $19.99 on Stadia or sign up for a Stadia Pro subscription that includes it for free. There are some other free options available on Stadia too, some of which are Destiny 2 and Super Bomberman R Online. Since Google is extending its wings now in the right direction, we can expect many good things to come our way.

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