Government Has Given One-Month Extension For Renewal Of Mobile Licenses

The government has given a one-month extension to mobile operators and their services would not be suspended on May 25 i.e. the due date for expiry of two operators’ licenses.

Cellular Mobile Licenses Will Not Expire On May 25 Now

This was revealed by Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Major Gen (Retd) Amir Azeem Bajwa while talking to this correspondent.

The cellular mobile licenses of Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (ex Warid/Jazz) and Telenor Pakistan Limited (Telenor) are going to expire on May 25, 2019, and due for renewal.

Bajwa said that according to the policy directives, the services of both mobile companies would not be suspended as the government has given them extension till June 25, 2019.

The policy directive states, “The payment (100% or 50% upfront as the case may be) shall be due on 25th June 2019. In case, the spectrum is utilized till 25th June 2019 and requisite payment is not made, the proportionate amount shall be charged, for the said period, in addition to any legal action as per the Act, Rules, Policy, etc.

The renewal price for the right to use frequency spectrum included in the licenses being renewed shall be in accordance with per MHz price benchmarks from frequency spectrum auctions of 2016 and 2017 i.e. per MHz price for frequency spectrum in 900 MHz and 1800 MHz shall be USD 39.5 million and USD 29.5 million, respectively.

While briefing Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat, Bajwa said that roll-out obligations and quality of services would be upgraded in the renewal of licenses. He said that if an operator had to cover tehsil headquarter earlier only, now they would have to cover 100 percent tehsil with data and voice services.

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