GSMA Mobile Economy Report 2017: Mobile Revenues Reached $1.05 Trillion during 2016

GSMA has released the state of the mobile industry worldwide report for the year of 2017. This report is compiled by its renowned in-house research cel called “GSMA Intelligence”. GSMA Mobile Economy Report 2017 contain a wide range of socio-economic, technology and finance states with forecasting till 2020.

GSMA Mobile Economy Report 2017: Mobile Revenues Reached $1.05 Trillion during 2016

Some of the main highlights of GSMA Mobile Economy Report 2017 are:

  • Subscriber Growth Pivoting to Asia

By end of year 2016, two thirds of the world’s population had mobile subscription which means a total of 4.8 billion unique subscribers existed. A clear geographic shift is witnessed, with Asia Pacific set to account for two thirds of the 860 million new subscribers expected globally by the end of the decade. By 2020, almost three quarters of the world’s population or 5.7 billion people will subscribe to mobile services. Whereas regional penetration rates are predicted to range from 50% in the Sub-Saharan Africa to 87% in the Europe.

  • 4G Uptake Driving Surge in Mobile Broadband (MBB) Adoption

A shift to MBB was also the main trend during 2016. Mobile broadband connections (3G & 4G) made 55% of total connections in the year 2016. This figure will be close to three quarters of the connections base by the end of 2020. Whereas, 4G connections will increase a lot more than this.

A major shift will also take place towards 5G penetration but still 5G capabilities will evolve wil passage of time. 5G networks are forecast to cover around a third of the global population by 2025, with adoption reaching 1.1 billion connections.

GSMA Intelligence released “Mobile Economy Report 2017” indicating present and future mobile economy trends across the world

  • Mobile Revenue Growth Outlook Remains Modest

During 2016, total mobile revenues have reached to $1.05 trillion, up 2.2% on 2015, marking the 2nd consecutive year of rising revenue growth. Developing markets saw a notable improvement in growth rates as the macroeconomic headwinds eased and key markets such as China and India posted encouraging growth rates.

  • Mobile Contributing to Jobs & Economic Growth

In 2016, mobile technologies and services generated around 4.4% GDP globally which is equal to $3.3 trillion of economic value.

This is forecast to increase to more than even $4.2 trillion (4.9% of GDP) by 2020, as countries are truly reaping the benefits from mobile services.

The mobile ecosystem supported approximately 28 million jobs in 2016.

  • Rethinking Regulation for the Digital Age

All significant changes taking place in the telecom sector from across the globe indicates that policy mainly the regulatory frameworks need to be revised. This will help in reaching to the unconnected areas and also that the regulatory environment successfully continues to evolve.

Info graphics of Entire Report: GSMA Mobile Economy Report 2017: Mobile Revenues Reached $1.05 Trillion during 2016

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