Internet Connectivity Disruption in Pakistan: Fiber Optic Cable Damage Causes Outages

On Friday, internet connectivity disruption occurred as the fibre optic cable connecting Singapore to Pakistan and Europe suffered damage from multiple points. The damage, occurring near Indonesia, has led to disruptions in internet access across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Reports indicate that the fibre optic submarine cable has sustained a total of five cuts, severely impacting internet services, particularly those routed from the eastern direction. The damage has caused widespread outages, affecting businesses, educational institutions, and individuals reliant on stable internet connectivity.

Internet Connectivity Disruption in Pakistan: Fiber Optic Cable Damage Causes Outages

Efforts are underway to repair the damaged fibre optic cable, but the process is expected to take approximately a month before full functionality is restored. In the meantime, both PTCL and Transworld, major internet service providers in Pakistan, are grappling with disruptions in eastbound traffic.

Users in Pakistan feel the impact of the damaged cable most acutely, as internet traffic from the east accounts for less than 10 per cent.. Consequently, Pakistani users have reported difficulties accessing the internet, especially during peak hours in the evening.

To alleviate the strain on internet infrastructure, PTCL has taken measures to reroute internet traffic from the eastern direction through alternative channels. Until the fibre optic cable fully repaired and normal connectivity restored, users may still encounter challenges/

The disruption highlights the critical importance of reliable internet infrastructure in today’s interconnected world. As societies become increasingly reliant on digital communication and services, any disruption to internet connectivity can have far-reaching consequences. Businesses may experience financial losses, students may struggle to access online learning resources, and individuals may face difficulties in staying connected with loved ones.

While efforts are underway to expedite the repair process, it serves as a reminder of the need for continuous investment in robust internet infrastructure and contingency planning to mitigate the impact of unforeseen events. As technology plays an ever-expanding role in our lives, ensuring resilient internet connectivity is essential for maintaining productivity, fostering innovation, and promoting global connectivity.

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