PhoneWorld Team Wishes A Very Joyful Eid-ul-Fitar to All Muslims

Eid is a day of celebration as a reward after fasting for a whole month of Ramadan. Today all Muslims around Pakistan and in many other countries are celebrating Eid ul FitarPhoneWorld Team Wishes A Very Joyful Eid-ul-Fitar to All Muslims. This Eid is a gift from God and is celebrated on 1st Shawal.

PhoneWorld Team Wishes A Very Joyful Eid-ul-Fitar to All Muslims

As soon as the moon for 1st Shawal sights, Muslims all over the world rush to wish their loved ones “Eid Mubarak”. Families, friends, and other fellow Muslims make themselves busy in sending Eid SMS to each other. It has been the most traditional ritual that people have been doing for ages. Earlier, Eid cards or Eid Email wishes were sent to relatives and friends living in distant areas. Loads of Eid Messages or Eid greeting cards are received by your phone and email.

May Allah rewards all those who fast religiously during the holy month of Ramadan and showers them with countless blessings. May you be the blessed one on this Eid! Happy Eid ul-Fitar!

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