RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review

RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review

RIVO Rhythm RX55 is an entry level smartphone with entry level specifications and entry level features. The device has been mentioned in the most budgeted smartphones category with its affordable and least price of just Rs: 7900/=. The device has been launched in the launching ceremony of RIVO Mobile phones. Featuring with the important modules, the RIVO Rhythm RX55 is a handy device with the best grip in hand. Making the operations fast and smooth, RIVO Rhythm RX55 is powered with a Quad core processor with frequency modulation between 598 and 1300 MHz. The type of the CPU is 32 bit and the technology is of Media Tek with chip-set MTK MT6582. Mentioned below in the bench mark portion, the RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review shows you the exact features, marks and place been held by RIVO RX55.

RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review

Design of RIVO Rhythm RX55:

RIVO Rhythm RX55 has a slender, lean, bony and handy shape that looks perfect with its compacted design that gets better grip in the sole of hand. Its 4″ display can be perfectly accessed with your thumb without been putting extra work.The logo and brand has its own taste over the back of RIVO devices. Never the less, the silver ribbon further puts beauty and enhances the look of RIVO Rhythm RX55. The power and volume buttons are beautifully patterned that ensure better touch and avoids the fingers to slip from. The charger and the 3.5mm pin jack for hands free jackets are at the upper side that gives you an extra free hand to chat with your friends and listen to media while the pins been plugged.

Display of RIVO Rhythm RX55:

RIVO Rhythm RX55 got a 4″ IPS High Resolution Display that has already been protected with a perfect fitted plastic cover that protects is from both scratches and minor accidents. The display driver is Mali-400 MP and the vender is ARM. Its GPU version is OpenGL ES2.0 and the screen resolutions are 480 x 800. The number of pixels in a square inch for RIVO Rhythm RX55 are 240 DPI which gives the screen a fair bright look. The screen of RIVO Rhythm RX55 is also supported by a light sensor that variates the light density with bright light and shade.

Camera for RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review:

Supported with an LED Flash light, the 5 MP rear camera is gonna reserve your memories in the form of images and videos in 2560 x 1920 pixel dimensions. The camera is also supported with features like color effects, scene mode, white balance, anti-flicker, beauty mode and panorama etc. The front camera is a simple digital camera with up to 0.3 MP strength that can take images with 640 x 480 pixel dimensions.

RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review

Memory RIVO Rhythm RX55:

The memory portion for RIVO Rhythm RX55 is a bit low and it just has 512 MB RAM which is though low, still it runs apps and games with speed, efficiency and reliability. Although 1 GB RAM would have been a better choice, yet compromises have to be made for making the price low and affordable. The internal ROM is 4 GB which is also low just the way the RAM is low. Still it can be enhanced with the insertion of a memory card and you can have an internal memory with up to 32 Gega bytes with in your RIVO Rhythm RX55.

Processor RIVO Rhythm RX55:

Powered with a fast and efficient processor which is been clocked at 1300 MHz. The chip-set in RIVO Rhythm RX55 is MTK MT6582 and the technology is of Media Tek. The 4 cored processor with 1.3 GHz frequency is fast and sufficient to execute many operations at the real time.

Network/Connectivity for RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review:

RIVO Rhythm RX55 is a dual SIM supported smartphone with 3G enabled feature. The bands for both the SIM are:

SIM1: 850 / 900/ 1800/ 1900
SIM2: 850 / 900/ 1800/ 1900


With a 3G support, you can better surf the internet with speed and can have multi-platformed sessions with friends and family like Whats-app, Facebook, twitter, Skype etc.

Battery of RIVO Rhythm RX55:

RIVO Rhythm RX55 is powered by a Li-ion technology battery which has 1500 mAh capacity. The result for the battery is better and works fine with RX55.

Experiencing the external interface for RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review:

The images below shows the external features and look of the device as been discussed in our design portion. The box contains a better quality hands free, a charger, a USB cable and a white colored flip cover that has a perfect match with the RX55 itself.

The device has the dimensions of 126 x 64.2 x 8.9 mm that covers all the features in a compact pattern by just increasing the width to 8.9 mm and 126 mm length. The rear camera is bulged out of the body gently that doesn’t look better though.

Experiencing the Internal Interface for RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review:

Consult the layouts and patterns that have been set for RIVO Rhythm RX55 with its 480 x 800 pixels display in the images below. RIVO have their own customized Android Version 4.4 KitKat. The icons have been nicely placed over the home screen with beautiful widgets and maps. The third snapshot shows the internal storage which is just 4 GB. The total of 1 GB memory with in 4 GB is for the phone and the other 3 GB is reserved for secondary apps, media and games etc.

Both the interfaces for keyboard and dial pad have been followed with the standard and layouts have been designed to keep the users in touch and make them friendly. The last snapshot for RIVO Rhythm RX55 shows the battery duration and backup. The device is most stable with the battery in standby time and keeping the device for almost 5 and a half days just consumed about 10% of the battery which is a good sign. The general timings after a perfect charge may be a day or a bit more than that depending upon the use of RX55.

Bench marking RIVO Rhythm RX55 with standard apps for its performance:

The bench marking and testing for RIVO Rhythm RX55 was a tough and dizzy task because the testing failed for few times because of low memory and other multitasking intra-processing issues. Yet after repeating the tasks many times holding the breath. We got what we needed for RIVO Rhythm RX55. The following apps have been used for checking the performance of RIVO Rhythm RX55 which includes Antutu, Vellamo, GPU bench mark and others that are out of scope.

Antutu’s approach in RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review:

If you want to make better score with Antutu, try to take a device with faster CPU comparatively. Although, RIVO Rhythm RX55 is an entry level smartphone with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM, yet it consists of a 1.3 GHz Quadcore processor that takes makes RIVO RX55 efficient enough to make a good total of nearly 19 thousands with Antutu. RIVO Rhythm RX55 may have basic specs and features, yet it supersedes Samsung Galaxy S3 with its 1.3 GHz super fast processor.

Vellamo’s slant in RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review:

Checking the scores with Vellamo, we can easily check the performance of RIVO Rhythm RX55 for its single core, multi core and browser individually and bench mark the obtained score to check for the rank and status of RIVO RX55.

The results of Vellamo for RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review are:

  • For its single core part(mentioned in the first snapshot below), RIVO Rhythm RX55 takes 772 points which are better than that obtained by MOTOROLLA Droid Razor, LGE NEXUS 4, MOTOROLLA MOTO G and Samsung Galaxy S3. It just follows Asus Nexus 7, HTC One, LGE Nexus 5 and other high end smartphones.
  • For its Multi-core part, RIVO Rhythm RX55 makes a total of 1226 points and with this score, RIVO RX55 leads NEXUS 4, Droid Razor and Samsung Galaxy S3 and follows Motorolla MOTO G, Asus Nexus 7, HTC One and other High-end smartphones.
  • The browser part for RIVO Rhythm RX55 makes 1656 points which shows better performance and thus leading LGE Nexus 4 and MOTOROLLA Droid Razor and it slightly follows Samsung Galaxy S3, Asus Nexus 7, One Plus One and other High-end smartphones.

Comparing the scores of RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review with Samsung Galaxy S3:

The processor of RIVO Rhythm RX55 is faster than that powering Samsung Galaxy S3, this puts a better total than Samsung Galaxy S3 and a slight less total than Samsung Galaxy S3 for the browser part. Consult the snapshots below for full detail about RIVO Rhythm RX55.

Checking the graphics with GPU Bench mark in RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review:

Being powered with a Quad core processor with 1.3 GHz speed, the Graphics processing Unit is also better and makes a better total with its Mali-400 MP driver. The score obtained by RIVO Rhythm RX55 is 14,724. The screen resolution normalized score is though shorter, still it gives a better total. Rivo Rhythm RX55 beats QMobile Noir i9 with its Mali-400 MP GPU. Consult the snapshots below.

Gaming Zone for RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review

Although the memory is shorter and you may suffer a lot to play better games, yet you can play the following low level games smoothly, some of the games played for RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review includes:

  • Daily Racing
  • Subwar surfers
  • Racing 3D
  • Sonic Dash

Conclusion for our RIVO Rhythm RX55 Review:

RIVO Rhythm RX55 is an entry level phone which is available in the market at an affordable price of just Rs: 7,900/=. The only deficiency in Rivo Rhythm RX55 is the memory which is 512 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM. The processor is super fast and gives better results. The screen supports HD with IPS high resolution display. You can surf fast internet as RIVO Rhythm RX55 is 3G enabled. Last but not the least is the 5MP Rear camera that preserves your memory in real time.

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