Samsung Galaxy A32 4G will Soon Come to Pakistan

Samsung has started upgrading its entire Galaxy A-series to 5G. The Galaxy A32 5G is the latest and affordable device in the lineup and the company has already made it official. But the device is still not available in some markets including Pakistan, while the LTE version of the phone, Samsung Galaxy A32 4G, is coming.

BIS, an Indian certification authority, has certified the Galaxy A32 4G. Once it launches in the neighboring market, then soon it will hit the Pakistani market.

Samsung Galaxy A32 4G will Soon Come to Pakistan

The Samsung Galaxy A32 4G was just spotted on Geekbench 5 that shares all the internal specifications of the phone. All the features of the phone are similar to 5G edition but the chip inside the A32 4G is the only feature that is different from the 5G variant. The A32 LTE runs on MediaTek silicon-Helio G85 while 6GB of memory coupels with the G85.

The phone hits a modest 347 points on single-core performance on benchmark while it peaks at 1261 when it engages multiple cores. The 5G and 4G editions have same build but the Samsung Galaxy A32 4G comes with a generic 720P TFT screen. The screen size of the phone is 6.5 inches and a tear-drop notch bleeds into the panel. The 13MP sensor and a narrow f/2.2 lens are housed in the cutouts of the screen.

On the back of the phone, the four cameras are laid out in simple rings on the shell. The layout consist of  a 48MP sensor behind a decent f/1.8 aperture. The other, 8MP, 5MP, and 2MP cameras are available for wide-angle, macro, and portrait shots.

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