Social Media Marketing: 5 Best Hacks to Follow in 2020

Although social media continues to play an enormous role in personal and professional context, there is also an increasing warmth that advertisers need to be aware of. If you want to be competitive in this changing social media environment, you need to start putting marketing data and decisions in your own hands rather than handing over control to SM networks.

For social networks leading up to 2020, they are primed for both active engagement and intense criticism, and as a result social media companies will quickly change how they function. Twitter, for instance, recently announced that it would avoid political advertising and networks like Instagram are experimenting with covering the number of likes on posts in an attempt to counteract negative mental wellbeing.


With all the noise on social media, it can be difficult to stand out, which is why social media marketing in 2020 should include ways to tie the SM activities to other marketing methods. In the same way as gathering information and promoting text messages, you can also use the major social media networks to create private communities on communication platforms such as WhatsApp.

Text message marketing with SuperPhone

Last year, a hip-hop artist who launched a new mobile messaging platform called SuperPhone, and now when we have used SuperPhone to take my social media marketing to the next stage. We have a button on my Instagram profile that allows people to use SuperPhone to contact, and when they do, they get a text back with a landing page that allows to collect valuable data.


We would recommend that you make and add some GIFs relevant to your product to GIPHY. This is a low-risk, high-reward growth hack, as anyone through GIPHY can find your GIFs and add them to their content on social Platform.

Set up listening feeds with Twitter

Another way to succeed in this changing social media environment is to use social networks to yell your product message more as search engines than just megaphones. In particular, Twitter stands out as a search engine in real time, where you can find people thinking about your brand or business, or even follow direct leads.

Lead generation

While your brand may have valued metrics such as followers and likes in the past, it is becoming increasingly apparent that these measures tend not to carry much weight. Most specifically, the ability to produce value leads in order to sell directly to them. As such, you should aim to capture data such as email addresses and phone numbers using social media as a feeder source.

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