TikTok Privacy Settings to Bring Safety for Under-18 Users

TikTok has recently tighten its privacy settings for the under-18 users that will hopefully, bring a security and safety to all those young users who were facing a lot of bullying on the platform. It is the appreciable step taken by TikTok that allowing a child to choose the setting is a way to get them involved in understanding their online footprint.

By engaging the young users early in their privacy journey, they will be to make more deliberate decisions about their online privacy.

TikTok Privacy Settings to Bring Safety for Under-18 Users

These latest improvements from TikTok mark a major step forward in enhancing the privacy and safety of children on their platform. It is my personal suggestion to all the social platform to tighten the privacy settings as it is the need of time.

The creativity and expression are personal. And so is privacy! As young people start their digital journey, so it is important to provide them age-appropriate privacy settings and controls. There is nothing more important than the safety and privacy.

The default privacy setting for accounts with users aged 13 to 15 will be private. Which means only those viewers will be able to watch the videos of the account owner who are approved by them as a follower. Which was not the case previously. However, users between 13 and 15  are still allowed to change this setting to public according to their choice. On other hand, the older teenagers will not see this default setting change.

“We want our younger users to be able to make informed choices about what and with whom they choose to share, which includes whether they want to open their account to public views,” Han commented. “By engaging them early in their privacy journey, we can enable them to make more deliberate decisions about their online privacy.”

Another important addition that TikTok has introduced is only permitting videos to be downloaded when they have been created by those aged 16 and over. For users between 16 and 17 years of age, the default option to allow their videos to be downloaded will be “Off,” but will have the option to make their account public.

In addition to that, the app has also restricted direct messaging for younger users. Moreover, the buying and sending virtual gifts have also been restricted by the company. In 2020, TikTok also introduced “Family Pairing,” which allows parents to remotely control their child’s account for privacy concerns.

“We know there is no finish line when it comes to protecting users,” Han says. “We’ll continue to evolve our policies, work closely with regulators and experts in minor safety, and invest in our technology and teams so that TikTok remains a safe place for everyone to express their creativity.”

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