Top Companies to Work For in Pakistan 2022

Education is the fundamental aspect of life. In the contemporary world, especially in our country Pakistan, people don’t have much opportunities and investment for running businesses. People from the middle class lay emphasis on acquiring education. Because it is the only way for them to earn money. Everybody has an ambition of getting a good job after higher education. But there is a slight problem, which is the lack of awareness among people while searching for a job. Therefore, in order to tackle this situation, I am going to enlist top companies to work for in Pakistan.

Here is the list of top companies to work for in Pakistan.

Telecom Industry


Telenor Pak

Telenor has proved to be the best in the telecom industry of Pakistan. The company has managed to surpass all its competitors. This is because Telenor offers incentives which other companies are not even able to think of.  From excellent medical facilities to health insurance, life insurance, mobile usage allowance, provident/ gratuity and transportation services (exclusively for female employees) are provided alongside extremely friendly yet professional work environment. Recently, Telenor Pakistan won  “Best Place to Work in Telecom” by Engage Consulting and PSHRM. It has a huge workforce of about 5000 workers.

So, Telenor Pakistan is the best place to work for a person who has expertise in telecom industry.



Mobilink Pakistan is renowned for taking care of is employees. Its one of the largest telecom industries in Pakistan. The telecom giant has a vision of widening its sales and employee size. Mobilink is considered as the best place to work, learn and transform professionally. Employees at Mobilink Pakistan enjoy many perks and privileges. For instance, medical and conveyance facilities, a good amount of paid leaves, fuel allowance and generous mobile usage allowance.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)

Engro Corporation:


In the FMCGs sector, Engro corporation is regarded as the top organization to work for with its extra-ordinary employee packages. Engro transfers the best quality of human capital. The working environment in Engro is quite friendly and it generates innovation. Engro won the Most Preferred Graduate Employer Award by PSHRM and Engage Consulting.

The manager of Engro Corporation stated that, “ The salary packages are very competitive, plus they invest some portion in provident and gratuity funds. Additionally, there’s health insurance coverage for your family. It makes me proud to work for a truly Pakistani company.”

Unilever (Multinational):

Unilever is one of the top multinational company in Pakistan. This place is quite suitable for acquiring skills. The reason for skill development is that the work platform of Unilever is quite competitive. The company demands quality work from its employees. This multi-national company is best known for hosting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) events which contributed to the development of society.

Unilever has a lot of opportunities for fresh graduates. The ongoing training polishes the skills of employees so that they understand where they stand. Unilever provides different privileges for its employees which includes life insurance, health insurance, various allowances and opportunities to travel (domestic and international). It can be considered as a company which builds promising career.

Nestle Pakistan:


Nestle is undoubtedly the best multinational company to work for in Pakistan. It is a Swiss multinational company known for its food and drinks products globally. A wide range of products from Nestle are being loved in Pakistan. Like juices, yogurt, butter etc.

A huge effort is therefore required to get a high level job in Nestle. The working environment in Nestle is dynamic, attractive, and there is a constant opportunity for growth and skill development in the company.

Banking Sector

Habib Bank Limited:

Habib Bank

Habib Bank Limited is a famous name in banking industry of Pakistan. It has been successful in building a solid reputation for providing the most suitable work platform. Where one can learn and grow professionally. It is also a very good place for skill development. This bank welcomes its workers with health insurance, life insurance, employee finances, gratuity, provident fund and nonetheless fair salary packages.

Meezan Bank:


In the banking sector, Meezan Bank is regarded as one of the best bank to work for in Pakistan. It is considered a solid, stable place for employees with helpful management and good product offering. Meezan Bank is a perfect place to grow professionally. Meezan Bank was recognized in 2017 as the best Bank to work for in Pakistan. Also, Pakistan Society for Human Resource Management (PSHRM) announced Meezan bank as Pakistan’s top ten places to work at.

Bank Alfalah:

Bank Alfalah

Bank Alfalah is one of the top bank for making career in the banking field. You must show good fortitude for making an entry in this bank. The employees will have a chance of experiencing professional and learning environment. The professional attitude from the top most senior management to junior level employees is enviable.  The perks and benefits provide an added advantage to the employers to face low turnover rate. Bank Alfalah provides a set of useful perks such as health insurance, life insurance, medical facilities, gratuity funds and other allowances.




GSK has a competitive corporate environment along with an accommodating staff. The benefits offered are too luring for the pharmaceutical industry cannot be neglected. The company provides smart salary packages, medical facilities, transportation, fuel allowances and, if necessary, travel. It also offers subsidized prices for good quality food. The opportunities to develop are outstanding and only a little hard work provides the value of an automobile to employees.

NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)

TCF- The Citizen Foundation


The Citizens Foundation is nothing short of a vision that shows hard work and passion for their cause. In addition to providing attractive wages, travel services, medical insurance, and discounts at various outlets (Hobnob Café, etc.), employers have developed an ethical culture of work that preserves modesty as a prominent feature. The company’s care and consideration for all its workers. Regardless of their level of corporate resource hierarchy, they have the competitive advantage of remaining ahead of the pack.

 Oil and Gas Industry

PSO- Pakistan State Oil


Pakistan State Oil has consistently proven to be one of the greatest employers. The food may be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the benefits offered by this local giant, but what stands out most are the leverages given to female employees such as transportation services, day care facilities and equal treatment. In offering competitive salaries, health insurance, medical facilities and a great work atmosphere, the organization never fails to meet employee standards.



Only top graduates and smart workers are cherry picked by this international company. Employees are hired on permanent and contractual basis. It is a multinational energy powerhouse that is expected to remain one of the most attractive places for job seekers, offering well-paid jobs alongside a promising career. In addition to flexible working hours, the ability to attend multiple foreign trainings allows employees enough flexibility to develop professionally. There are various advantages and packages for permanent employees and contract workers that give them international recognition of Shell’s work.




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