Top Internet Speed Test Sites of All Time

If you think that your ISP is cheating on you and providing you low speed then it’s time to catch them red-handed! The question is how can you exactly check it? There are different tools and techniques that you can apply to figure this out. However, we recommend using top internet speed test sites.

There are numerous internet service providers that you can find online but how’d you know that they are telling you the right calculated results? Internet service providers claim that they are providing you the best internet speed. Are they? It’s really important to check if the numbers and calculations provided are accurate or not. Maybe they are just bluffing and show a random internet speed test results. Sounds frustrating right?

Well, not anymore, our team of geeks has test run a number of internet speed test sites and after a lot of test and trial they have come up with the top sites that provide reliable internet speed tests. These browser-based sites help the users in determining a lot of internet speed factors, such as the upload and download speed. These sites also help you find other significant issues with the internet such as latency issue, packet loss, DNS, or any other physical connection issues.

Let’s dig further and see which browser-based sites fall into the category of top sites.

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Top Internet Speed Test Sites to make your life easy

1. SPEEDOF.ME is an HTML5-based internet speed test site that’s lightweight and doesn’t put much load. It is also designed to replicate real-world browsing and downloading conditions by requesting a series of files of increasing sizes and recording the speed at which they’re downloaded.


It’s a simple yet reliable bandwidth internet speed diagnostic site that shows up the exact running speed of your internet including upload and download speed. The service is super techy, intelligent and speedy to provide you with the accurate results instantly.


If you’re looking for a reliable internet speed test site that offers more data than the average speed, then is your answer. It runs a series of tests and provides a lot of useful comparison data to you. There are two different options for both download and upload tests, make sure to try them both to get the best results.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t get fooled by your local internet service provider. It is important to keep check of your internet speed. The above-mentioned sites are the all-timer browser-based reliable speed check websites. Check these out and let us know what you think?

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