Twitter is testing a new way to inform users their account was suspended or blocked

Has Twitter ever locked or banned your account? If yes you would know the overall procedure. When a user used to get banned or blocked on the platform, they were barred from using the platform without any notification. Due to this, many people have not realized they were banned or their account was blocked. Only when they tried to Tweet or follow someone would they know. But now, the company is working on a new way to inform users whose accounts have been suspended or banned.

Twitter is currently testing this functionality on a small group of people who received a banner on the top of their timeline, informing them that their account has been suspended or banned.

In case you are banned from the platform, the banner will include text that you can not tweet, retweet, or like content. If your account has been suspended due to any reason, you will get the same banner but it will inform you that you will regain access in a week.

If you are victim of permanent suspension, the message will also ask you to follow appeal process.

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