WhatsApp Temporarily banned Third-party Apps

It seems like, WhatsApp is quite serious for making its app more secure. Just to make the app more secure, WhatsApp has taken an important decision. If you are not using the official WhatsApp app, then get ready for a ban from Whatsapp. As WhatsApp Temporarily banned Third-party Apps.

WhatsApp Temporarily banned Third-party Apps

The Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp has started warning the users. Users who have received the warning message need not worry. You are merely required to delete the modded WhatsApp version and download the official one from the Google Play Store.

All the users who are using WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp will be banned. If you want to continue using the WhatsApp, then you need to install the official app from Play store.

On the other hand, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced its Privacy Focused vision for its social networking platforms. He said that he knows Facebook is under many revelations for sharing personal data of users with third-party apps but at the same time he promised that he will bring the social media platform out of this dilemma. He shared his vision of making its platforms the most private ones in the future. Privacy Focused Facebook will merge all its apps to become a trio.

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