YouTube Music Introduces New Streaming Feature for Users

YouTube Music is a relatively new music streaming service from Google that only focuses on all things from music to video streaming.YouTube Music Introduces New Streaming Feature for Users.

As per the latest news reports, most of the Reddit users reviewed that, YouTube Music is progressing out new updated things and the Quick picks section on its Homepage. This new Quick Picks feature is offering four songs on each page.

YouTube Music Introduces New Streaming Feature for Users

From the list of four songs, when you pick any of your favorite song a radio playlist of similar pieces will be created. Many Reddit users posted their experiences with the latest YouTube Music feature. They shared that most of the suggested songs on the radio list are the songs they have listened many times but did not add them to their liked items.

You can easily find Quick Picks as they are positioned at a prominent place on the Homepage, and are present below Your Favorites and Mixed For You lists.

In YouTube Music Start Radio option is already present; it plays a variety of songs and plays a list of songs similar to the songs you are listening to. But the difference between Quick Picks and Start Radio is that Quick Picks are more fast and efficient.

Most of the users consider it the most efficient and prominent way of introducing an extended list of music to its users and the music according to their taste.

As Google shut down the Google Play Music, it provides facility to its users to shift to more efficient YouTube Music. Google keeps on updating this new app with more interesting features, having diverse artists and music of different kinds.

As per most of the news reports, it is confirmed that this new music feature is easily available for Android and Ios users and YouTube Music on the web page.

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