Technology is Catalyst to Businesses in Today’s World

Technology plays a vital role in the businesses and most of times it proves as the catalyst to expand the footprint of work to a great extent that it made a difference in the lives of many people. These technological tools employed wisely are not only changing the way of business and operations, but also facilitating and fascinating a significant number of people to meet their needs. Technology is Catalyst to Businesses in Today’s World.

Muhammad Zia, a 39- year old transporter based in Rawalpindi, has been reaping its benefits through using the communication technological tools. He has been running a rent-a-car service for the past 15 years successfully with growing customers and investors’ base.

Technology is Catalyst to Businesses in Today’s World

The role of mobile phone is multifaceted in my work. It helps me communicating effectively with customers to meet their demand and to provide them quality of the services, he said.

“I have a clientele base of more than 100 organizations which are on board with my rent-a-car service.”

He said. Most of my clients belong to either international NGOs or Embassies of different countries.

Due to security reasons, we do not have access to Embassies but what we can interact with our customers through mobile phone and Whatsapp, he said. I provide complete details of cars, models and chauffer (photo) through Whatsapp because there are strict security checks for meeting the criteria of Embassies, he said.

Whatsapp is the best possible way to provide confidence to your high end-customers.

In our small company, we have only 18 cars to meet the requirement of our customers which are huge in numbers by the grace of Allah. But the quality of services is managed for them through rapid communication with drivers of the cars and customers with the help of mobile phone.

With several service orders from various customers are in hand, dealing with employees, financial matters, all are done in tight schedule by me through secretary, which is my mobile phone.  In my business, the communication is the key especially when you have to take important and snap decisions.

Due to the facility of mobile phone service, I can handle all queries of our customers including booking of rides, dealing with drivers and supervising maintenance of cars.

Mr. Zia set up a business in early 90’s which grew tremendously over the period of one and half decade. The number of service orders and assets were limited at that time and could be managed through a landline service phone.

As his business grew, he needs to connect with his customers, workers and investors all the time even on weekends or on public holidays.

In my business, a good network, its service quality, a hi-tech handset, and mobile package are quintessential, Zia added. These all features design a solid business partner for me, without whom I am nothing or paralyzed in performing my job.

Technology is Catalyst to Businesses in Today's World

In his brief but successful journey of his business, Muhammad Zia is not only providing satisfactory services to his customers but he has also become a source of living for the families of his eight workers who have been associated with him for quite a long time.

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