Android P to Support ‘notched’ Displays

Google is working on its Android mobile software for notch display to the next version of Android. It seems like Google is taking inspiration from the iPhone X display’s notch. Android P to Support ‘notched’ Displays.

The major aim of Android P is reportedly ”improving the look of the software” to better appeal to existing iPhone users in hopes that they will make the switch over to platform of Google. A good redesign could help Android phones stand out this year. Especially when Apple said that it is putting its own major redesign until next year to focus on performance and reliability in iOS 12.

Android P to Support ‘notched’ Displays

Google has also said to design the updated operating system to better integrate camera notches, such as the ones found on the Essential Phone and iPhone X, as more and more hardware manufacturers embrace reduced-bezel designs. It has also been rumored that Android P is better support for different form factors of Android devices, with features like multiple screens like the ZTE Axon M and foldable displays.

According Bloomberg:

“A key goal of this year’s update to the Google mobile operating system is to persuade more iPhone users to switch to Android devices by improving the look of the software,”

Bloomberg News has reported that the dramatic redesign will be a contrast this year to the iPhone’s operating system.

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