Android Q to Have Facial Recognition Just Like Apple’s Face ID

According to some rumours, Android Q will come with facial recognition feature just like Apple’s face ID. The leaked code of Google’s upcoming 17th operating system, Android Q, hints that it will support facial recognition. Android Q system will be used to sign into your phone and sign in to apps.  It will be the same like Apple’s Face ID technology which was introduced in 2017.

Facial Recognition in Android Q will Solve Many Problems

Now the device makers will have to add similar features to their devices ton support Android Q facial recognition feature. Incorporation of such system to Android Q will help tech giants to include biometric features to their devices if it has all the necessary sensors.

We still don’t know much about this. However, the only information that we know is that there will be dedicated facial recognition sensors rather than the current front-facing camera-based solutions. In addition to that, the new facial recognition will fall back onto a PIN, password, or pattern for backup exactly like other existing biometric authentication methods. The new system will be able to be used for purchases, as well.

Google Will Soon Add Face ID Support To Android Q

As it is just a random guess and a rumour, so there are chances as Android Q will not be equipped with this feature. Moreover, Google has not responded to this request. Android Q’s version of facial recognition is poised to be much more secure, suitable for unlocking the phone, accessing apps, or authenticating purchases, similar to Face ID.

Google is expected to debut Android Q this upcoming May at its annual developer’s conference.


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