Apple is Reportedly Working on a Foldable iPad

The concept of a foldable phone is not new. We have seen the foldable phone this year too at Mobile World Congress this year too. The top smartphone selling companies like Huawei, Samsung has revealed the foldable phone’s concept. Huawei has showcased its foldable phone, Mate X. Similarly, Samsung has also introduced its Galaxy Fold. Also, We have not seen anything like this from Apple. But Now some reports are claiming that Apple is Reportedly Working on a Foldable iPad. Tim Cook has also hinted that the upcoming Apple devices will blow your mind. So, we may hope that we may have Apple foldable iPad very soon.

Apple Foldable iPad will Surely come with 5G technology.

According to some sources, Apple is working on an iPad with a flexible display. The reports also suggest that the screen would be between 11 and 15″ big. Apple is planning to launch the device as soon as next year. It seems Apple is quite enthusiastic in launching the device very soon. But still, the company is late as Huawei and Samsung are more likely to release the phone this month.

No other specs of the device are rumored yet. But Apple has not released any 5G-enabled device yet. So, we hope that this foldable iPad may come with 5G technology. It is worth mentioning here that Microsoft is also planning to develop a foldable Surface tablet for quite some time now.

So stay tuned for more updates.

Onsa Mustafa

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