Apple Plans to Remove Physical SIM Port from iPhone 15 

With the recent advancements in the technology, the physical presence of matter is receding. Many things that we could not think of that can ever be replaced by virtual presence has been virtually replaced or substituted in the prevailing pandemic conditions. The recent rumor has it that Apple company plans to take away the physical SIM port from iPhone 15. iPhone 15 is planned for the year 2023, which is still two years away.

The rumor has surfaced from the website Blog Do iPhone, which is Brazilian website. The new trails go to an unspecified British company that says that the tech giant company Apple is planning to remove the physical SIM card slot in its 2023 Pro-tier iPhones.

Though the website name is fairly unheard of especially in regard to Apple news.  And as the website is not listed on the “Apple leak reliability site i.e. AppleTrack”, the rumor can be disregarded. So, we should not fully believe that the SIM slot is out of the window iPhone 15.

If the rumor turned true and Apple did really stopped making the SIM slot, the iPhone will still be having the eSIM option. eSIM feature is not a new development and is available in the present handsets.

So, lets wait and see what will actually unfold in the coming two years. Two years is a lot of time for the technology.

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