Apple Slashes Prices of New iPhones by $300

Ming-Chi Kuo, the most authentic leaker of Apple pricing plans is back with a bang. Kuo had shifted from KGI to TF International securities but he is still leaking Apple pricing details. Recently the analyst/ leaker revealed that Apple Slashes Prices of New iPhones by $300.

Planning to buy a flagship device?  Apple Slashes Prices of New iPhones

Discussing this, Kuo told the prices for the second generation iPhone X, large iPhone X Plus and budget iPhone X will start from as low as $800, $900 and $600 respectively. Last year, the prices of the first generation iPhone X started at $1,000. This year Apple will let its users save $300 with tax.

Kuo gave three reasons and factors which are responsible for Apple’s this move:

  • Internally Apple has several concerns regarding the negative impact of its high price devices in the smartphone market. The failing iPhone X was a proof that its radical design was of no use with this high price.
  • Kuo told that Apple has developed an improved cost structure that is actually “attributed to assembly yeild improvements of the end product and 3D sensing and cost reduction components”. In this way, it can afford to make the cuts without losing the profit margins.
  • The company has made user face ID essential as it helped them a lot in promoting Apple in the smartphone market. As Apple’s competitors are not yet successful in manufacturing Apple like Face ID, its an add-on and it makes sense.


Renders of budget iPhone X beside iPhone X Plus based on leaks

According to Kuo, due to these three factors, Apple has to go with more aggressive price policy. Let’s see how slashing the prices will positively impact Apple.

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