Apple vs. FBI Debate over iPhone Encryption

Apple the technology giant seems to have a serious clash with an American intelligence agency FBI. Many people believe that the reason behind the tussle started from the San Bernardino shootings happened On December 2, 2015. Before that FBI has been concerned about new encryption features since Apple has released its iOS 8 in September 2014.

Apple vs. FBI Debate over iPhone Encryption

With iOS 7 and its earlier version, the FBI had ability to plug an iPhone into a computer and unlock its content in no time. But things changed completely with the arrival of iOS 8. With the updated version, if a user has a pass code on its iOS device, there’s no way to read the content of the phone without unlocking the device first with the help of a fixed pass code. Apple supported their stance by claiming that the new encryption measures are the privacy features as many hackers and cyber attackers have been accessing iPhone data.

On the other hand the FBI Director James Comey soon after the iOS release said that;

“Encryption isn’t just a technical feature; it’s a marketing pitch. But it will have very serious consequences for law enforcement and national security agencies at all levels”

The given statement clearly shows the differences between the two parties which is:

“Apple won’t change its mobile software to help the feds unlock a terrorist’s phone, saying that would set a dangerous precedent and undermine security and privacy. The FBI says all Apple cares about is protecting its brand. We spell out what’s at stake”


Since FBI for the first time publicly filed an order to unlock an iPhone running iOS 8 after the San Bernardino case so the matter is dragged to the court. Now recently, Israeli mobile forensic software company, named as Cellebrite is facilitating FBI to unlock the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. If the company successfully get access to the iPhone data then it can also effect the business of the Apple company.

On the other hand, the court has also asked Apple to add a way for FBI through cable or wireless technique so that they can automatically get connected to the phone. By doing this, the FBI can use a supercomputer to get an access of any phone.

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  1. i agree with hassan but the FBI is also right in their own way. They should collectively come up with a solution in which both parties are happy.

  2. i think apple is right…people need to have their privacy. remember when all the celebrities of hollywood got their private pics leaked?

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