Apple’s 2019 iPhones to have an Upgraded Face ID Camera

A new report from Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is surfacing on the internet that reveals that Apple’s 2019 iPhone will come with an upgraded Face ID camera system.

Apple’s 2019 iPhones to Incorporate Face ID Camera with Better Performance

According to Ming-Chi Kuo of MacRumors, Apple will soon utilize a new sensor that will eradicate one’s face “to lower the impacts from visible lights of the environment in order to improve the Face ID user experience.”
According to the report, Apple also plans to introduce a range sensing system with Time of Flight 3D camera in its upcoming 2019 -2020 iPads.  This sensor has the ability to measure the time in which a light dot travels between the camera and subject, and could be used to capture 3D images.
The system could potentially be used for augmented reality experiences or to improve the quality of images or 3D images, which Kuo notes could then be “edited by an Apple Pencil on an iPad.”
iPhone X face ID introduced last year has more than 30,000 infrared dots to map your face. The system worked perfectly in the dark but it was inconsistent in brighter lighting conditions.
A new system will help cut down the additional light noise will make a system better for users.
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