10 Best Meme Accounts on Instagram to Follow in 2021

This is the best therapy to laugh at a meme to distract the mind from the currently distressed situation of the world and the banality of daily life. Internet users know that there is a wide range of popular meme pages on Instagram. We have together all the Best Meme Accounts on Instagram to hold you scrolling for hours and spend your time in a good mood.

Memes are a perfect way for us to be confident and comfortable when life becomes hard for us. So, don’t forget Instagram if you’re looking for interesting memes. It is one of the best spots where entertaining things can be found. Here are 10 of Instagram’s best meme accounts to engage you to get laughter and fun every day. Many people are sharing jokes on social media daily basis.

10 Best Meme Pages on Instagram to Follow in 2021

Check here the best entertaining meme pages on Instagram that will make you laugh and give a fun at the moment.

1. Epicfunnypage


epicfunnypage is the funniest meme page on Instagram that inspires users to follow videos and memes for the best humor. It provides the best place to share funny material many times a day. This Instagram meme account has a large number of followers with a count of 16.7 million.

epicfunnypage is a private account, so you just have to press on the blue Follow icon, and you will have access to their memes, immediately.


Most meme accounts show as a private account, according to the account holders that it is a new way to attract followers on a competitive platform like Instagram. You will gain more followers on account when they are private, if a follower shares a post to their friends then the person has to follow the account in order to check the shared post. Automatically account will have more followers.

Epicfunnypage posts approximately 10 short video videos every day focusing on funny things with children and animals funny videos.

2. Daquan


Daquan is making memes focus on house, traditional in its shape with related references to professionals, artists, and celebrities, with its 16.3 million fans. The creator of the account, Daquan Gesese, comes from Canada but now lives in New York City. It is one of the funny meme pages on instagram.

Daquan was set up in 2014 as a meme account and soon become the best meme pages on Instagram. The majority of Daquan’s memes are focused on subjects that are of interest to films, shows, foodstuffs, and people like celebrities, athletes, musicians. Account creator claims that they ‘post the funniest material on the internet.’


Daquan Gesese moved to New York City to the south, and some of his memories now reflect the base of his current home. This meme page on Instagram has 16.3 million followers.

3. Fuckjerry


The FuckJerry forum is one of the funniest meme Instagram accounts. FuckJerry has also created “What Do You Meme?” which is a common card game based on the same concept Cards Against Humanity. This meme platform is one of the web’s most popular sites.


Fuckjerry is on Instagram since 2012 and now became the Best Meme Accounts on Instagram. It concentrates on a Generation Z audience, and its posts feature several references to pop culture important for those age groups. It has a good count of 15.7 million followers on Instagram.

Jerry Media, which deals with the brands to create sponsored content on account, has now created the meme account.

4. Sarcasm_only


Sarcasm_only asking people with Bio “follow me until I am hot and popular,” as set out in a private account. It mostly has a women’s audience, and its memes target traditional women’s struggles in life. These topics vary from bad hygiene to everyday life pressures. This page is one of the most followed meme pages on instagram.

Its success is expanding day by day and stands with 15.6 million Instagram followers. The followers of sarcasm_only can rate their favorite memes from the account with the like button from best Meme Accounts on Instagram.


This account creator discusses all kinds of challenges: not being able to get a date, maintaining personal hygiene, not pleased with busy schedules, etc. The page retains a clean aesthetic by exchanging two text messages for each picture or video post in a group format.

5. thefatjewish


thefatjewish is one of Instagram’s most popular meme accounts. The account was launched by the maker Josh Ostrovsky and has more than 10 million followers since been created.

“Fat Jew” name has been made an important part of Ostrovsky’s meme. This “fat Jew” is Josh Ostrovsky, an American author, actor, model, winemaker, businessman, and celebrity from Instagram. In 2015 he founded Swish beverages, an alcohol company offering drinks like “White Girl Rosé” and “Family Time Is Hard Pinot Grigio.” It offers videos from gloomy images to funny posts.


Unlike other Instagram meme pages, @thefatjewish relies greatly on the identity of its owner who is running Best Meme Accounts on Instagram. This Instagram account was founded by Ostrovsky in 2009, but in 2013 it got viral after posting a video parodying the Soul Cycle, where he leads a spin class for homeless people. In the 2015 list of the 30 most influential people, Ostrovsky was included in the time journal. As other such pages, @thefatjewish looks at life with strong brashness.

6. Couplesnote


Couplesnote Instagram meme account has relationship posts and statements. Another private account for everyone who deals with love and relationships. It is the best Instagram meme page to find out the humor in love and romance.

The term “couples” is significant in its name. Many of the posted material applies to “couple’s goals” and happy times. Couplenotes is the Best Meme Accounts on Instagram to create fun between couples with 8.7 million followers.

Of course, if you’re single, it isn’t probably the ideal account to follow as it shows all the downsides of a single life. It’s the best offensive meme accounts on Instagram for singles. Shares images and videos between romantic couples of warm-hearted moments.



Lmao is an Instagram meme page which, according to its name gives laughs to its followers. The story gives a mixture of pictures and video posts that show the funny moments of everyday people’s lives. Strongly recommended, visit the Best Meme Accounts on Instagram to kill your lockdown time in a good mood.

Best Meme Accounts on Instagram

As someone who grew up on the internet knows, lmao means “laughing my ass off.” lmao is trying to make sure its supporters are doing just that. Its posts also contain hilarious parts of daily life and have a good count of 8.6 million followers.

The page publishes hilarious information on a regular basis. The content consists of a combination of brief and humorous still pictures, with suitable captions.

8. funnymemes


The same person who has created a “memes” meme account, owned this page with 6.8 million followers. This account has funny laughs every day by constantly giving fresh and funny videos to be enjoyed on their Instagram page. This is also the best meme accounts on Instagram for good laughter and humor.

Best Meme Accounts on Instagram

Funnymemes focuses on the supply to the Instagram community of videos and pictures which are either modifications to previous data or new ones created. Anyway, this is a fun platform, and many people follow the best meme ideas. It’s an interesting place.



Bitc.h created by Riley Beek, a Southern California designer who has the most famous Instagram account. The designer started a Tumblr comedy page as a hobby and decided to try his luck on Instagram after his booming popularity. In the full interview, Riley shared that “the Bitc.h has completely available for funny memes for Instagram users.”


The account is known for its humorous diaries highlighting the drama and sparkling of this industry. This account has many links to pop culture and offers fun and new insights into many facts of millennial life, such as schools, marriages, money, and animals. This account has 5.1 million followers.

10. funnymemes


It’s another best Instagram meme account with this name. The funny Instagram meme accounts “Funnymemes” became popular and kept going up with a great plan. This page includes almost all video recordings that cover a wide range of issues. The story humanizes the frustration and silly errors that surround daily life, from the kid falling on an ice trampoline to the rat showering like a man.

Best Meme Accounts on Instagram

Funnymemes, is the best edgy meme page on Instagram if you want to see and post funny memes. It’s a private account like so many, you’ll have to submit a request first to follow. It considers itself the “Funniest Video Account of Instagram” and features “funny moments.” For the only popular assumption about the account that @funnymemes are hilarious.

Why Instagram to get memes?

These are top-rated and Best Meme Accounts on Instagram, that always seem to have the funniest stories or memes. nowadays there are so many social media platforms to get good stuff but Instagram is more popular among all age groups. So, we recommend you join Instagram for hilarious meme material.

Hopefully, these pages will help you to laughs and enjoy. One thing that is similar to all these Instagram accounts is that they are really attractive and interesting. So, visit these Instagram pages and follow them for more entertainment and kill your boring time!!


Posting on your social media page or sharing it with your friend whether a meme that matches you or someone you really know is fun. To share memes is a lot of fun and so for many of us, it has become common.

There are many cool things to share and celebrate. so it’s certainly worth finding Instagram pages that you enjoy and you can use daily to laugh with friends and enjoy.

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