CTLC to Empower Women of Rural Areas by Creating Job Opportunities

In the developing world, women are often seen as a marginalized group. They are not considered equals in almost every domain. Due to which they have fewer job opportunities in a male-dominant society. However, there is some betterment because of the involvement of the international community.  Different programs have been initiated like Community Technology Learning Centers (CTLC) Program which would empower women residing in rural areas.

CTLC to Empower Women of Rural Areas by Creating Job Opportunities

The program is aimed at providing IT and Computer education thus eventually creating job opportunities for women in a technology-driven era.

The CTLC was established under the patronage of the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD). The program to empower women of rural areas was initiated with the collaboration of Microsoft Corporation and the respective distinct government.

NCHD introduced the CTLC graduates in the data entry activity at NCHD, which facilitated them to obtain jobs in the data transcription industry.

According to the NCH official,

Revolution in digital technology has transformed the way of life. Women with access to Information and Communication Technologies could benefit from it.

There is an utmost need to render quality training opportunities to impart ICT skills to the females of rural areas. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) intervention provides sufficient evidence that females of rural areas feel enthusiastic to learn innovative digital technology skills. Consequently, it would assist them in improving their living standards significantly. In addition to that, it will increase the prestige and role of women in their respective societies.

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