Facial Recognition could help unlock ‘Dark Matter’ Secrets

Could the same technology used to unlock the Smartphone of people also assist unlock the universe’s secrets? It may sound unlikely, but this is precisely what scientists are working to accomplish. They have created a new A.I using a variety of the artificial neural intelligence network behind today’s facial recognition technology. Tools that could demonstrate a game-changer in the discovery of so-called “dark matter.” Physicists think that it is essential to understand this mysterious substance to clarify basic questions about the underlying structure of the universe.

To look for and characterize dark matter, the same sort of neural networks that create facial recognition instruments are now being used. All matter, including dark matter, in the observations produced by our telescopes is capable of slightly bending light rays and causing “soft gravitational lensing.” These distortions can be used by scientists to map night sky areas where dark matter is most probable to be located. The gravity of thematter cannot explain many of the movements of different stars and galaxies.

Traditionally, the technique outlined with maps is performed using human-designed statistics that assist clarify how sections of the maps relate to each other. The issue with this technique is that it is not well adapted to detect the complicated patterns in such maps.

Nayab Khan

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