FPSC Website Stops Working

Hey, dear readers here is just to inform you that if you were intended to apply for the jobs on the website of FPSC today, then there is a bad news for you. The website is down and it’s not working anymore. Though today was the last date to apply against 40 government posts.

FPSC Website is Down

You can see in the following screenshot.

FPSC Website Stops WorkingAlmost 40 posts were advertised on the website of the FPSC and candidates were rushing to apply on these posts. Alas, no one can apply now. Why the website is down? no one knows, but here the question arises that why FPSC is still unaware of this issue and if the FPSC knows the issue then why it is not fixing it?

No doubt, it is very disappointing, that statutory body of the Government of Pakistan is not facilitating the applicants. They need to fix the issue as soon as possible. If FPSC is unable to help the candidates in this crucial time as it is the last date to apply, then what can we expect from this statutory body of the Government.

Come on FPSC, Candidates are so upset, Please wake up and help them. Other than Online recruitment page the main page of FPSC is also down.

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