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Gangnam Style has become most-viewed video


Gangnam Style, the dance track by South Korean pop phenomenon Psy, has become one of the most-watched video of all time. Psy succeeded with a video that generated countless parodies and became a media sensation.

Gangnam Style Dance Track  has become most-viewed video

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  • It has jagged up more than 808million views since it was posted in July. Before, Justin Bieber’s 2010 teenybopper hit Baby held the record for the most YouTube views.
  • It has also placed itself in Guinness World Record for the most “liked” song ever – with approx 5.4m LIKES on YouTube.
  • The song is named after the affluent Gangnam District of Seoul and it mocks the rampant consumerism of that suburb.
  • The video has featured the 34-year-old singer portly Psy dancing, who is outlandishly dressed, gazing longingly at a girl dancing on an underground train, and wearing sunglasses.
  • Psy raps in Korean anddances in the style of an upper-crust person riding an invisible horse.

So we must say that it has gained a huge fan following in less time and hope to see such entertainment package more in future.

Dancing is one of the major fact that this video is so popular. Without the dance, I don’t think it would have been as big as it is.