Get the Most Out of Google Now

Google Now is one of the well-integrated and most powerful, personal digital assistants that you can use. Unfortunately, little is known about Google Now these days. Android users consider it only good for web searches or setting reminders etc. But Google Now has much more to explore and that can make your life even easier. These include:

  • Google Now Defines a Word:

If you are a writer, you don’t need to search for words all the time. Instead of installing Merriam Webster, you can ask Google Now to define said word for you.

Type the word you want to know about, once Google Now recognizes the command, it will speak to you the definition:

  • Get the Most Out of Google NowGoogle Now Toggle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

Instead of grabbing your device and unlocking it, pulling down the notification bar, and turning on/off the service all the time, you can simply say:

“Okay Google Now, turn on Wi-Fi.”

The above command assumes you have the Okay Google Now hotword set up and have it set to always listen.

  • Google Now Calculates and Converts:

Google Now can do calculations for you. And if you want convert currency from US Dollars to Euros, simply say:

“Okay Google Now, 100 US Dollars in Euros.”

Get the Most Out of Google Now

Get the Most Out of Google Now

  • Google Now Notes to self

Google Now can take those notes to self–using whatever app you might have installed that can take notes (this works especially well with Google Keep). So when something important comes to your mind, simply say:

“Okay Google Now, note to self NOTE”

Get the Most Out of Google Now

Google now is an unbelievably powerful tool and is ready to make your day much more easy and efficient. The longer you use this voice-activated assistant, the more you will come to depend upon it … and the more you will discover what it can do for you.

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