Google Duo is Now Available on Android TV

During the COVID-19 pandemic, video calling touches new heights. Most people around the globe become dependent on video calls in order to get connected with their loved ones. As a result, Google announced that soon it will introduce Duo calling service to Android TV that people can enjoy the video calls to the prim. Now, the service started rolling out. It is important to mention here that it is not fully functional just yet.

Google Duo is Now Available on Android TV

Users can install Google Duo remotely from Google Play on the web or in the Play Store app on their device. Some users managed to download Duo on Shield TV but were unable to get the full-featured experience that they were expecting.

Firstly, there was no launcher icon for Duo, so the only way they managed to launch it is via the apps list in the Android TV settings. According to Android Police, “Once you’ve gone through the permissions so that your contact list appears, it is possible to make a call using the microphone on my remote, although only voice.”

Another report says that users can head over to the Play Store from their browser, where they will get to see that Google Duo can now be remotely installed on Android TV devices. Other than that, users can also go to the Play Store directly from their TV and Duo will appear in search results. So, here you can go for installation.

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