Google is Planning to Make its Own Chips

It has been reported that Google has hired at least 16 engineering veterans and four talent recruiters for its internal “gChips” team. It is to be expected that the team could grow to 80 employees by the end of 2019. The report says that the gChips might be testing chip designs before sending off the final versions to manufacturers.

Google is Planning to Make its Own Chips

In case these chip designs are for processors, then Google will be able to join Apple, Samsung, and Huawei as companies that are utilizing their own processors in their devices.

According to Reuters:

 Google could be looking to expedite the move to manufacturing its chips in a bid to further compete with the margins and optimization enjoyed by Apple and its iPhone. 

There is also a possibility that the chip designs could also be for chips with more specific purposes. There are chances that Google may design a chip for its routers and smart home devices that would analyze voice commands and videos better than ever.

Let’s see when the company will get success in implementing its plans but we are hoping that once Google launches its own chips, it will be able to compete with the rest of big players in the market.

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