Haier L50 Review

Haier L50 Review

Haier L50 Review


A least known mobile company nationwide “HAIER” has launched Haier L50 in its “ESTEEM” category with a shape matching that of Huawei Honor 3C with a white back cover that covers most of the body. The device is sleek and slim with perfect smooth surface with a little curve for the camera proving the efficiency of the camera that reserves up to 13MP images and HD videos. Haier L50 has a smooth and polished border at the edge.


“The device contains 5 inch (1280*720 pixels) ips ogs display, 1GB Ram, 8GB Rom, 1.2 GHz Quadcore processor (Qualcomm snapdragon 410), 13mp rear and 5mp front camera, 4g lte support along with 2200 mah high power lithium battery and many other features.”


[quote_center]External Images[/quote_center]

 Haier L50 Review


 Haier L50 Review

[quote_center]Interface Experience[/quote_center]

The interface and the layouts are quite attractive and user friendly with smooth and rounded shaped buttons that gives a quick idea to the users, so the users won’t panic for the interfaces and will soon be able to flow in the fluency of the device’s OS.

Haier L50 Review

The keyboard and the keypad for sending mails and SMSs and dialing numbers are the generic ones.

[quote_center]Bench Marking for Haier L50 Review[/quote_center]

[quote_center]Antutu’s approximation towards Haier L50 Review[/quote_center]

A Quad-core processor and that of Qualcomm Snapdragon which is loaded with 1GB Ram and 8GB Rom takes smartphones to the higher level in the mid-end smartphones and shows better performance than many other international smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 and others. The display can with hold up to 5 finger’s touch consecutively.

[quote_center]Vellamo’s approach for Haier L50 Review[/quote_center]

Vellamo as being the Qualcomm’s testing application tests the main modules that include Single-core , Multi-core and the Browser’s performance (XML layouts, 3D fishing, Frames, Resolution support, Page size and others).

[quote_center]Matching Score of Haier L50 with Samsung Galaxy S3[/quote_center]

The score has been compared with Samsung Galaxy S3 because Galaxy S3 is a well known Smartphone of Samsung mobile phones. The performance of Haier L50 is better than Samsung Galaxy S3 as you can see in the snapshots below.

[quote_center]GPU’s score for Haier L50 Review[/quote_center]

Scoring beyond 10-thousand is a better approach and Haier L50 Review shows that Haier L50 scores 12,370 on the board that gives you the guarantees you to enjoy graphical games and apps with fluency.

[quote_center]Game Lovers[/quote_center]

Although the game requires less requirements, yet the below snaps will guide you that the performance is smooth and fast using Haier L50 as your own smartphone.

[quote_center]Conclusion about Haier L50 Review[/quote_center]

Although Haier L50 may not be as famous as the modules and parts being used in the device are, yet with 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon410 along with 1GB Ram and 8GB Rom is a device of fame and respect that is embedded with a 13MP Rear Camera loaded with 5 spherical lenses to filter the true colors and beautified with a flash light in dim light and 5MP Front Camera.

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