Hajj Packages 2019- Now Book Your Hajj Online Through these Website


This blog serves as the strategic and planned reader for the people who are potential pilgrims and are searching for very good, reliable and cheap Hajj Packages 2019 from different companies. To serve the purpose, many companies are providing the most reliable Hajj from Pakistan which includes the airline tickets, hotels in Makkah and Madina, Ziarat in both cities, air-conditioned transportation and a full quality round trip.


Hajj is an Islamic obligation that is practised by Muslims from all over the world. Hajj is performed one time in a year, unlike Umrah which can be done anytime. In Islam, it is said that if anyone has enough money to proceed for Hajj, should spend and perform this pious ritual at least once in life. Hence, Hajj gives the nourishing food for a Muslim’s soul.

Hajj Packages 2019- Details that you are seeking for

Hajj can be searched back to the story of Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismail (AS) which includes the rebuilding of Kaaba till the sacrifice. These memories have been incorporated by Allah in Hajj and all the Muslims visit Kaaba for Hajj and cherish the memories again during Hajj. Hajj is very near to the heart of a Muslim. Allah has promised Jannah for the pilgrim who will perform Hajj in the proper way as has been told.


These Websites are offering Online Hajj Package Booking however it’s better to meet them once before booking the package online.

  • Hejaz E Moqaddaus INTL travellers and Tour:

This company resides in Karachi, Providing a wide range of Hajj Packages 2019 including  40 days Ibadat Gold, 40 days Ibadat Silver, 27 days Marhaba gold and many other packages. You can get the detail packages by clicking on the link.

  • Short Easy Hajj Umrah:

Short Hajj Easy Umra offers best Hajj and Umra packages to facilitate the hujjaj around the globe. Their special Hajj packages Pakistan Lahore include PLATINUM Series, 10 days, 16 days, 23 days and customized packages to cater to the unique needs of Hujjaj. For more information Click Here.

  • Travel and Culture Tour Safaris and Hotels:

Travel and Culture tours provide a wide variety of packages for Hajj 2019 including executive Plus short packages, executive Hajj 17 days package, Hajj Package and etc. To get a detailed view of all the packages, Click Here.

  • Hajj Packages:

Hajj Packages from Pakistan provide the set of packages including cost-effective, five star and Six-star packages. Plan your journey with Hajj Packages, by following this link.


Moreover, every year, the Government also facilitate people of Pakistan who plan to perform pilgrims. Yesterday, Federal Minister of Religious affairs have released Hajj Policy 2019. The 14 designated banks would start receiving Government Scheme Hajj applications from Feb 25.


As many as 184,210 perform Haj this year including 40 per cent of the total through Private Hajj Scheme and 60 per cent through a government scheme. The additional 5,000 quotas would be distributed among newly enrolled Hajj Group Organisers (HGOs). For information regarding Government Hajj, click here.


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