Hydrogen Fuel Cells Will be The Future of Data Center Power, Microsoft

In this hour of need, we require a solution to overcome the power outage. Microsoft has come up with a solution by producing a zero-carbon emissions replacement for the diesel-powered generators used for backups in data centres. Microsoft said that Hydrogen Fuel Cells Will be The Future of Data Center Power. Sean James, Microsoft’s director of data centre research, called the breakthrough a “moon landing” moment for the data centre industry.

Data centres are intentionally warehouses packed with tens of thousands of computer servers and equipment. All these servers need to run and be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes machines that keep the servers at t-shirt weather temperatures. It also includes batteries and generators that maintain an uninterrupted power supply even during power grid outages.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Will be The Future of Data Center Power, Microsoft

“What makes a data centre a data centre is that it can operate even though the grid is not,” James said. “When there’s a blackout, the servers stay up. That’s the difference between a data centre and a warehouse chock full of computers.”

Microsoft’s backup generator was powered by two fuel cells residing inside two 40-feet-long shipping containers. The set-up can reportedly generate up to 3 megawatts of power, which is enough to replace one diesel generator or up to 1,800 homes.

Microsoft has been experimenting with fuel cell technology since 2013 and has pledged to be carbon negative by 2030. It’s not just hydrogen that offers the chance to make the future of data centres more sustainable. Hydrogen power also has many high-profile detractors. For more information click Here.

“I’m excited about the idea of working on something that can make a difference in the world, and hydrogen has a ton of potential to be a huge game changer,” said Sean James. “When a lot of people think of renewable energy, they think of wind turbines and solar panels, and they don’t necessarily think of hydrogen.”

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