Instagram Threads: A New Snapchat-Like Messaging App for Close Friends

Yesterday, Instagram introduced an image-centric messaging app named as threads. Basically, Instagram threads is designed to connect the closed group of friends on Instagram together. The app invites constant sharing of users’ locations and other intimate data. So users must be bound to choose the close friend’s list wisely.

There are three core components in the threads app. The first one component is the camera, when you open the app you will get to see it on the default screen. You can take photos and make videos, but you will not find any filter here.

Instagram Threads: A New Snapchat-Like Messaging App for Close Friends

More interestingly, you will also get to experience customizable shortcuts for your close friends offered by the app, in case you use the app to message two or three people, the app is allowing you to display their profile picture right on the camera screen’s bottom. You only have to take your picture, tap their photo, and swipe up to send.

Inbox is the second component of the Threads, that shows your direct messages on Instagram but are visible to your close friends only.

Robby Stein, who leads product development for Instagram’s consumer app, said:

That means it will likely be the shortest inbox in your life — the average user of the close friends’ list has between one and two dozen people on it. It includes group chats, but only if everyone involved is a close friend of yours.

The third interesting component is the status screen. In order to create a status, you can pick an emoji and type anything that comes in your mind or you can also choose text from previously uploaded statuses. There is also an option, where you can tell to Instagram that how long to keep your status visible for viewers.

Instagram threads app is just for messaging your close friends.

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