Jazz Enables Digital Learning for Employees through LinkedIn Learning

As a learning organization, Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to empower its employees to steer their own development journey.

Under this partnership, Jazz offers Digital Learning for Employees, as its employee’s unlimited access to more than 10,000 courses carrying world class digital learning content through a LinkedIn license.

Jazz Pakistan Enables Digital Learning for Employees

Ali Raza Mehdi, CPO – Jazz, said:

“Employee development is our key priority and we are disrupting the pre-conceived mindsets around ‘how to learn.’  We aim to enable our employees to continually expand their capability and diversify their skills to stay competitive and relevant in the digital space. This initiative is a prime step in this direction. I am confident that this initiative will facilitate our people to ‘unlearn’ old ways and learn new ones at their own pace,”

Jazz’s journey of becoming an agile, digital organization, is well underway and the company believes that progress will be limited without investing in the key catalysts of this transformation – its employees.

Through a LinkedIn license, Jazz employees now have boundary-less access to world class content coupled with an “anytime, anywhere” convenience.  Jazz, through its partnership with leading MOOCs like LinkedIn and Coursera is offering its employees high quality digital learning experience from top partners around the world.

About Jazz

Jazz is Pakistan’s largest digital telecommunication company. Serving over 55 million subscribers across the country.

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